China Flexible Water storage tank manufacturer


March 3, 2023

High Quality and Long life Plastic Liquid Bladder Custom-made Waste Water Storage Tanks on Boat

All tanks can be folded when empty, the weight light and easy to transport, on-site installation is simple, long life and low maintenance costs.
Usage :
1. Water Purification,(household rainwater harvesting ,Domestic Drinking Water.
2.Aquaculture projects( Fish farming, Greenhouse fish tank , outdoor dish tank , fish fry cultivation, hydroponics).
3.Pool solution : Swimming pool solution.
4.agriculture( irrigation ) ,farm ( irrigation ,animal drinking ) .
5.military ,industrial ,Crude oil storage .
6.transportation ( car, boat ,container ,truck ).
7.pubic works ( firefighting ,forestry service ) and civilian rescue organization .
8. Outdoor Camping water bag ,Fix tents for camping, or store water.
All materials are enviromentally friendly ,anti-uv, anti-leanking ,anti-bacterial ,anti-fouling ,anti-acid&alkai, corrosion resisstance ,shocj resistance and etc... The temperature is suitable for -40 to +90 degree. Life time is 8-15 years .
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