China Flexible Water storage tank manufacturer


June 3, 2020

High quality 50pcs 3000Litres PVC flexible Fish farming tank wire mesh tank to Singapore

Hot sale 1000Litres steel wire mesh tank for fish farming ,water storage tank

The wire mesh reservoir is a very portable, versatile and easily transportable water storage system. and it is made from galvanised wire and is strong and sturdy.
With standard height of 0.4m to 1.5m , and with a holding capacity ranging from 200lt up to 10,000lt.


Size : 200-20,000gallon


Color : Blue/ Green/Organge /Yellow/ Black etc


Please kindly note :All size we can be accept customized . We can also customize shape according to your detailed requirements.


Usage :

1. Water Purification,(household rainwater harvesting ,Domestic Drinking Water

2.Aquaculture projects( Fish faring, Greenhouse fish tank , outdoor dish tank , fish fry cultivation, hydroponics).

3.pool solution .

4.agriculture( irrigation ) ,farm ( irrigation ,animal drinking ) .

5.military ,industrial ,Crude oil storage .

6.transportation ( car, boat ,container ,truck ).

7.pubic works ( firefighting ,forestry service ) and civilian rescue organization .

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