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Custom made 18m diameter fish farming tank

July 27, 2021
Product Name
Customize Round Biofloc Fish Farming Pvc Tarpaulin Fish Pond, Pvc Coated Tarpaulin
Blue/Green/Black/White / Custom
900GSM, to 1500GSM
0.7mm to 2mm
Service life
About 6 to 12 years
Aquaculture Fish farming/Shrimp farming/Water storage ...
1) High tenacity polyester yarns with PVC coating, 3 layers Material ,it is more life time ;
2) Good strength, good flexibility
and adhesion strength;
3) Outstanding tearing strength for welding;
4) The material is Anti-uv, anti-leaking, Anti bacteria,
Anti-Fouling ,Anti- acid& alkali,corrosion resistance , Shock resistance and etc...
5) The temperature is suitable for -40 to +90
6)It can be folded when empty, the weight light and easy to transport, on-site installation is simple, long life and low
maintenance costs.